Hazrat Ba-Yazeed Bastami Aur Ek Padri Ka Mukalma

December 8, 2015

BaYazeed BastamiHazrat Bayazeed Bastami R.A Aur Oun Ka Aik Padri Se Mukalma” (The dialogue Between Hazrat Bayazeed Bastami and a Priest), authored by Maulana Hafiz Mohammad Aslam Zahid. In this Urdu book you will learn about Hazrat Bayazeed Bastami R.A and his dialogue with a priest. The said book is very interesting because of Christian priest questions from Hazrat Ba-Yazeed Bastami and his replies. The priest had asked very un-usual questions from Hazrat Ba-yazeed Bastami R.A but Hazrat had replied all questions with very beautiful answers.

By Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Aslam Zahid  Download Now!!

By Dr. Maulana Muhammad Rafiq Anwar  Download Now!!

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